Discover an alien planet through the eyes of a rover in this 3D exploration sim.

Role: Programmer & VFX Artist

Team size: 22

Spring 2023

Made in 6 months to be shown as an exhibit at a local museum


Made using Unity’s URP shader graph and particle systems.

I created the gravity field point of interest, including the floating rocks and dust particles, and the skybox.


Language: C#

I created an object spawning system that spawned models in an area specified by points, set them to the terrain level, and ensured they were not on top of each other or on too steep of a slope.

Top image – plant spawning area with boundary gizmo

Bottom image – initial test of objects spawning on terrain

This project was one of the largest I have worked in, and it taught me a lot about interdisciplinary communication.  I was able to create alongside some amazing programmers and contribute to this “cool rover game,” as it has been known.

Play the game on Itch.io

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