Be the first to explore an alien planet and discover strange wildlife, mysterious structures, and unforgettable vistas in this rover exploration sim.

About the project

S.C.O.U.T. is a 3D rover exploration simulator created by a team of Bradley University students for FUSE, Bradley’s annual event which showcases projects created by the interactive media department.  This project was developed with Unity.  The official FUSE website page for S.C.O.U.T. can be found here, and the game also has an page.

I was a programmer on this team, and my work involved scripting environmental movement in C# as well as creating some VFX.


The main behaviour that I scripted for this project was the randomized spawning of plants, crystals, and other small discoverables.  This involved defining boundaries in which items should spawn, setting those items to the height of the terrain, and making sure items don’t spawn on top of each other.

This was a very challenging behaviour to write as math is not my strong suit, but with a lot of research and learning about polygon drawing, this is what I was able to come up with.

To the left is an early screenshot of the object spawner working with terrain height, and above is a screenshot of the final game with plants spawning in a particular area.


I put together one of the main, large discoverables in the game: the gravity field.  Specifically, I created the particles you can see rising into the air, as well as the post-processing in that particular area and the rising and falling of the rocks.

I also created the skybox for the game (left), as well as variations of that skybox for the different biomes we had originally planned – fire (center) and crystal (right).

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