PHS Donation Tracker

Research and creation of a design solution for a local nonprofit.

About the Project

Along with my teammate Allesandra Raithel, I created a design for a donation tracker page for the Peoria Humane Society (PHS) as part of a User Research class.  The PHS is a nonprofit organization in Peoria Illinois; you can find their website here.

You can click through the visual prototype of the donation page using the Figma prototype to the right.



Here you can see the first wireframe I created for the final design (left), the first design iteration (middle), and the final design (right & below).

User & Client Research

As part of my user research, I performed a heuristic evaluation of the PHS website – one of the slides I used for this is depicted to the left.  Below that slide is a slide containing the user and organization goals that I identified regarding the PHS.

These aspects of my research helped me to meet the organization where they were and understand their intent as well as website-related issues.

I also interviewed both the client and a user to discover what pain points I could solve.  The top slide shows an analysis of my talk with the user, and the bottom slide depicts final ideas from my discussion with the client.

These discussions were key to determining what improvements users could actually benefit from.  I learned much about the PHS userbase, as well as what concerns the client had, which helped me ideate on helpful solutions.

I visited a PHS event called Bark in the Park to gain more understanding into their organization, depicted below.

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