Other Artwork

A collection of one-off art pieces that weren’t large enough projects to earn their own page.  From pixel sprites to vector art to full HD illustration, there’s a variety of content mixed into this collection.

Sprites made in Krita for a small class assignment – Spring 2022

A vector sprite of a cute cat.
A vector sprite of a leafy house plant.
A vector logo containing an illustration of an orange cat, half inside of a paper bag, knocking over a purple cup of water, which becomes the letter "C" in the title, "Cat in the Bag."

Sprites made in Illustrator for a game I intended to submit to the Game Off 2022 game jam, hosted by GitHub and Lee Reilly, but did not finish in time – Fall 2022

A stylized drawing of vine-covered ruins.
A drawing of colorful mushrooms and plants.

Concept art created in Krita for the original proposal of Meditation StationFall 2021

A dramatically lit drawing of an owl with giant claws and fiery eyes, silhouetted against the moon.

An illustration made in Photoshop my spare time – Spring 2023

Realistic pixel sprite of a shark.

Very small pixel sprites made in Piskel for various practice projects – Summer 2022 (left) and Fall 2021 (right)

A gameplay screen showing character on a vibrant planet. The HUD elements are organized around the edges.
A space-themed game inventory, organized into sections.
A space-themed carousel menu with different space suits to choose from.

Game UI screens I made for a graphic design/UX class – Spring 2022

An illustration I made in Krita in order to practice drawing nonorganic forms – Summer 2021

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