Fight amongst your rivals to gather a full royal family into your hand and prove yourself the most powerful of the gods in this in-hand card game.

About the project

Kingdom was made in a team of Bradley University students using a standard deck of cards.  The game is fully playable without any kind of table or other surface.  I did the graphic design of the rule sheet, logo and poster.  I also made some contributions to ideation, rule-writing and refining.

Rule Book


Kingdom was entered into the 2022 In-Hand Game Design Contest hosted on BoardGameGeek by Cy (@CyBadger).  Kingdom tied for third in the category “Best Traditional Card, Tarot, or Decktet Game.”

Kingdom poster. It shows a graphic of a king, queen, and jack on the left with text describing the game on the right. The color scheme is black and red.
Poster designed in Adobe Illustrator

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