An AR Android app designed in a class, made for making organization and collaboration easier.

About the project

This app is an organizational tool that allows users to take pictures of organized areas, such as drawers, shelves, etc., where everything is clearly visible, and later use the app’s features to compare the original layout with the same space to help guide organization.

When a user takes a picture of a space they would like to save the layout of, the AR functionality of the app will visually cut that space into a grid and allow users to label each grid space with the name of what goes there.  Users will then be able to save the layout.  Users can later open their saved layout and use the camera to overlay the labelled grid with the corresponding space.  The app will point out what items are missing or misplaced.  The user can use that information to reorganize the space until it matches their saved layout.

Users would be able to group layouts together, such as grouping multiple cabinets and labelling the group “Kitchen,” and share layouts with other users, such as sharing the “Kitchen” group with housemates.

The overall objective is to assist users in organizing consistent spaces by allowing them to view how the space is meant to be organized, see what is out of place, and take that comparison with them as they reorganize.  Please view the video below for more explanation about the app.

Click through the Figma prototype here.


A lot of planning went into this project, including sketches, moodboards, and more.  You might notice in the examples below that much of the content is different from the final app; for instance, I was originally planning to include a section of the app dedicated to food recipes, which was cut from the app early on.  The logo, typefaces, and color schemes also changed throughout prototype development.  The screens of Gridery were created in Figma, with the planning documents created using Adobe Creative Suite.


User flows


Empathy map (template not mine)

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