AR mobile application that aims to assist users with organizing their shelves and cabinets.

Fall 2022

Made in 3 months for a UX Design class


This app is an organizational tool that allows users to take pictures of organized areas where everything is clearly visible, and later use the app’s features to compare the original layout with the same space to help guide organization.

When a user takes a picture of a space they would like to save the layout of, the AR functionality of the app will visually cut that space into a grid and allow users to label each grid space with the name of what goes there.  Users will then be able to save the layout.  Users can later open their saved layout and use the camera to overlay the labelled grid with the corresponding space.  The app will point out what items are missing or misplaced.  The user can use that information to reorganize the space until it matches their saved layout.

Please view the video for further explanation about the app.


The process of designing this application involved creating user flows, empathy maps, and moodboards, before moving on to sketches and iterations in Figma.



Final Screens

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