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AR app design UX project, 2022
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A vector logo containing an illustration of an orange cat, half inside of a paper bag, knocking over a purple cup of water, which becomes the letter "C" in the title, "Cat in the Bag."
Logo for a personal game project, made in Illustrator
An illustration of a letter Z decorated with trees, crystals, and a dragon.
Past personal logo, made in Illustrator
Kingdom poster. It shows a graphic of a king, queen, and jack on the left with text describing the game on the right. The color scheme is black and red.
Poster for a card game called Kingdom, made in Illustrator


Card game graphic design, 2022
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A review of the comic “Your Letter” by author Hyeon A Cho.  Video editing, script, and subtitles are mine, done in Adobe Premiere Pro.  Credit for all illustrations and comic panels in this video goes to the author and were taken from WEBTOON.  This was put together as a final project for a Comics Appreciation class.

A set of HUD icons for a fantasy tavern/inn, created in Adobe Illustrator as a personal project.

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