Flame in the Dark

Can you find your way through the dark in this light-based 2D platformer?

Creative Process

This is a solo project created over the course of a semester using Unity, Piskel, and SunVox.  You play as a nekomata, a cat from Japanese folklore that has multiple tails and can conjure flames.  In this game, you throw these flames to light lanterns as you search for the three magatama stones that belong above the torii gate portal.  All of the assets, including the programming, art, and music, are my creations.

While creating Flame in the Dark, I learned how to use Unity’s URP lighting system for the first time, and I also got practice with the development and playtesting cycle and planning a schedule and workflow for game production.


Flame in the Dark 3D

After finishing the main project, I created a small slice of a 3D version, made with Unity and MagicaVoxel.


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