Chain Attraction

Participate in an exciting game show with a ball-and-chain on your leg and a magnet gun in your hand in this 2.5D puzzle-platformer.

Role: Lead Artist

Team size: 10

Fall 2023

Made in 3 months for a Game Production class

3D Models

Made using Blender

Role: Concepts, hard surface modeling, texturing, & animation keyframes

Pictured: Player and magnet gun models

Not pictured that I worked on: Audience, spotlights, chairs, pressure plates, other environmental set pieces

Concept Art

Concepts and turnaround sheets for 3D assets including the player, environmental assets, and magnet gun.


Made using Unity

Role: Shaders and particle systems

Pictured: Magnet fields, chains, bullets, semisolid platform

2D Assets

Made using Photoshop

Role: Character concepts, final asset creation

Logo depicting the text "Little Light Studios" in which the I is a candle


Made using Figma & Illustrator

Role: Concepts & mockups, final asset creation


Lit using Unity URP.  This process involved achieving a stage lighting aesthetic using environmental illumination and URP lights.

Before After

This project was the first time I led a team.  I learned how to manage time and scope for the art and visual aspects of a full game project, how to communicate between other teams, and how to delegate tasks to other artists.  This is one of my favorite projects that I have worked on due to the experience I gained as lead artist and the amazing team I worked with.

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