Chain Attraction

A chaotic physics-based puzzle platformer set in a sci-fi game show.

About the Project

Chain Attraction was made over the course of a semester in a Game Production class.  The game stars a participant in the game show “Chain Attraction” and involves puzzle-platformer gameplay as the player navigates the world using a magnet gun and and a ball-and-chain.

I filled the role of lead artist on this project; my teammates as well as the final version of the game can be found on the game’s page.

Opening cutscene

Sound design by Travis Wade

Voice acting by Marissa Edwards

What I Did

As I was the lead artist, my work involved concepting and creating 3D models and animations, creating particle effects and shaders, and lighting the levels.  I also created a some 2D assets and textures and edited the visuals for the opening cutscene.

Models and Animation

Player character concepts, turnaround sheet, and final design

The player character animations I created – pick up ball-and-chain (left), throw ball-and-chain (center), and fall when pulled upwards via magnet (right).  Animating this character was a joint effort between me and Madison Gorman, the other artist on the team.

Magnet gun concepts and final design

Environment asset concepts and final models.  The magnet model went through a few iterations based on feedback from the design team.

I also created a set of mix-and-match NPC models that I used to create a diverse audience, pictured to the right below.

VFX and Lighting

Two glowing spheres with shaders that look like magnetic fields and particles that go inwards or outwards based on the polarity.
A red and a blue laser line. They animate in an electric manner.

Magnet field and chain shaders and particle systems

Red, blue, and gray bullets with distinct muzzle flashes and trails.

Bullet particle effect

One-way platform and grate shaders and effects

Before vs After lighting using Unity’s URP and post-processing

Sprites and Graphic Design

Character portraits for “The Announcer” Penny Polaire

Team logo concepts and final design

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